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Lenercom Europe moves to the new place and launches i-Microgrid System

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On October 23rd, Lenercom Technology Europe Kft. held a housewarming ceremonyin Budapest, Hungary. Chairman of Lenercom, with a number of partners,attended the celebration.The relocation marks the company's further development and expansion in the European region. Located in the heart of Budapest's bustling city centre, the new premises showcase the company's strength and modernity with a modern office environment, state-of-the-art equipment and spaciousness.


Lenercom Europehas been deeply cultivated in Europe, with a professional teamundertaking several functions including marketing, local warehousing, training and after-sales service, etc., to further deepen the localization service and provide more kinds of energy storage products and microgrid system solutions for European customers.


On theceremony, Lenercom launched hisi-Microgrid System, to provide a safe, efficient and smartenergy system. Microgrid system is an integration of electrical loads and generation. Use Lenercom iEMS(Intelligent Energy Management System) and iOMS (lntelligent Operation and Maintenance System) can bring significant benefits to ESS solution.



In order to accelerate the response to customer needs, Lenercom Europe also has a localization professional technical team to achieve the fastest technical support. Next, the team will also provide comprehensive training support for customers.


Mrs. Erika,a partnerof Lenercom, made a speech as a representative of the partner company. Erika expressed her gratitude to Lenercom for its timely and efficient after-sales service during the cooperation process, and believed that with the establishment of Lenercom Europe will be able to bring all the partners in Europe faster and more efficient after-sales service and cooperation experience. EPS-connect is very confident to continue to work with Lenercom. Erika is very confident to continue the cooperation with Lenercom to make Lenercom a famous brand in Europe.

Europe is one of the most important markets for Lenercom.As a company specialising in the innovative application of renewable energies, Lenercom is well known to its European customers as a company dedicated to providing integrated Photovoltaic ESS solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers with safe and stable energy storage products as well as efficient and intelligent energy microgrid system solutions. Up to now,Lenercom's products have covered more than 10 countries of Europe, distributed in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries.

In the future, Lenercom Europe. will adhere to the concept of "Energize the World", provide customers in Europe with better and more efficient energy services, and contribute to the realisation of the goal of sustainable development.


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